Bosco Agricultural Machines

Since 1970 in olive harvesting.

Bosco was established in the sixties as a family business devoted to the production of agricultural and farming machines.
Subsequently it specialized in research, design and development of olive harvesting machines.
It currently markets, in Spain and Italy, a great range of machines and works closely with a wide network  of resellers.
Professionalism, innovation and versatility have always marked Bosco and its successes.
The BOSCO brand was the first in the olive harvesting sector to respond to the needs of olive growers wanting robust, technologically advanced machines built by a company committed to design, testing and maintenance.

Over the years, the company has evolved thanks to continuous feedback from customers.
Every single day, we are in the field to understand the most specific needs of our customers.
The type of terrain, the type of crop, the structure of the trees and the crop spacing are only some of the many variables considered to determine the most suitable harvesting method.  
Bosco has never imposed harvesting methods, but has always developed them together with customers.
It was this philosophy that gave rise to the new umbrella catcher.
OlivSpeed is committed to those customers who cannot afford expensive machinery, but who have the exact same needs in facing ever higher harvest costs.















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