OlivSpeed GO PLUS

This is the motorized Plus model equipped with a hydrostatic drive system that provides the machine with an incredible traction capability. OlivSpeed Go Plus is ideal for terrain with gradients of max. 15%, even tilled. OlivSpeed Go Plus can be equipped with the same optionals as the Plus model. In addition, taking advantage of the drive system, all operations of handling, opening, closing and tilting the umbrella can be performed automatically by actioning the controls.


MOVEMENT: motor (petrol 4.5 hp)
TERRAIN TYPE: Ideal for moderate slopes
TREE TYPE: with maximum trunk diameter of 100 cm

5,5 metres
6,5 metres
7,5 metres
8,5 metres

5,5 - 7,5 metres (telescopic)
6,5 - 7,5 metres (telescopic)
6,5 - 8,5 metres (telescopic)

FRUIT COLLECTION: 2 trays of standard plastic (20/25 kg. of capacity)
OPTIONALS: 1) hydraulic kit for opening, closing, and tilting the umbrella
2) collection tray support
WEIGHT: 175 kg.
CLOSED DIMENSIONS: 5.5 m > length: 2.7 m / width: 1.4 m / height: 1.4 m
7.5 m > length: 3.2 m / width: 1.4 m / height: 1.4 m