OlivSpeed 4x4J

The continuous evolution of OlivSpeed machines has led to the creation of this new 4-wheel drive version, specific for narrow olive groves.
In fact, the compact dimensions allow OlivSpeed 4x4J to work on difficult terracing such as in Liguria and upper Tuscany. The track is slightly wider than common tracked mini-transporters, but compared to these it offers far more advantages in terms of operational stability and net levelling systems. Although with a lower load capacity of the harvested product (precisely in order to make the machine more compact) OlivSpeed 4x4J offers the same advantages as the larger standard 4x4 version, including the raised discharge of the harvested product.
One of the objectives of this new model is to offer Customers a simpler and cheaper version, while maintaining the basic functions of the more advanced versions (4x4 - Climb)
OlivSpeed 4x4J also benefits from the latest technical updates introduced, such as, for example, the independent and split opening of the net (right and left side) and double feed speed.



- hydrostatic, with hydraulic engines and 6 hydraulic services
- available thermal engines: Petrol 4T 6.5 hp

LANDSCAPE: ideal for narrow and/or terraced olive groves
TYPE OF PLANTS: with trunk up to 100 cm in diameter

5,5 metres
6,5 metres
7,5 metres
8,5 metres

5,5 - 6,5 metres (telescopic)
5,5 - 7,5 metres (telescopic)
6,5 - 7,5 metres (telescopic) 
6,5 - 8,5 metres (telescopic)

FRUIT HARVEST: collection container with a capacity of about 60 kg
  • Reinforced black net 200 gr. sq. m
  • Battery compartment for olive harvesters

about 430 kg.


about 290x178x150h cm